It's Autumn! // My First Post

Hello I’m Ysabel, Clearly this is my first post, which I am super excited for and I am going to be talking about my loves and hates of autumn. I was really stumped when trying to come up with something to write about in the first post because I wanted to do something that showed of a bit about me but also gave me a lot to write about and this allows me to do so perfectly.The word autumn itself just sums up the season so well, it’s so elegant and can always bring a smile to my face.

The first thing I love about autumn is the colours, who doesn’t? The colours just make everything look like a pretty oil painting and I always want to take a thousand pictures. Every time I look outside in autumn I want to drag on my wellie boots, go out and play in the crunchy leaves.

secondly all the good holidays are on their way. Halloween, bonfire night and christmas, with my birthday cropping in between these too. When walking into any store at the start of autumn you know that the best parties and celebrations are coming when you see the biggest Halloween displays ever and can we even talk about how close Christmas is getting?

Everything about the food in autumn makes my belly rumble. It’s just so warming. Among some of the best are spicy parsnip soups and salted caramel on anything (if you haven’t tried these shame on you). It is the season where you really want to cook something special or bake some cookies and share them with your family.

Let’s take a minute to talk about autumn clothes because these make me very happy and very angry at the same time. I love autumn fashion and this year has me very excited because I just want to buy everything I see because it all looks so nice on me and they always combine the auburns, evergreens and burgundy colours that I love so much about autumn, however, this is also my biggest downfall because money problems! Autumn seems to be the worst time of year for all my money problems to come at once. It just gets to the time where you’ve definitely run out of all the money from last year’s Christmas and it’s just not quite that time yet where I would be getting anymore. So I have to suffer through all the pretty clothes and back to school stationary without any purchasing power.

Fog. Fog, fog, fog. I hate it. Especially on early mornings when walking to school. When you step out of the house and all you can see is the thick grey cloud it really dampens the mood on the rest of your day.

Finally, who likes the flu and what more can I say than a snotty nose a headache and no voice for a week.

I hope you liked it and if you did I hope you find yourself here again soon.